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Setting Refractory Brick

The bricks are formed in a press (1 or more at a time) and transferred onto a press conveyor. The brick height is verified by a gaging wheel. A vision system acquires the brick's positional coordinates (x, y, theta) and transfers the information to a "staging" robot. The staging robot picks and transfers the brick onto a staging conveyor, which indexes in order to create a group ("set") of bricks. The setting robot picks the group and places them onto shelves of removable dryer carts.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System - Pharmaceutical

Automated storage and retrieval system for small molecule compounds used in pharmaceutical drug discovery. System is comprised of plate input and output stackers, vertical lift storage module(s), and a retrieval robot. System is enclosed in an environmental chamber (ambient to -20C) for the stability of the compounds.

Palletizing Demoulding Wetcast Concrete Slabs

Fanuc R-2000 demoulding and palletizing wetcast concrete slabs.

Robotic Depalletizing

Fanuc M-710 depalletizing bakery pans and loading the pans onto a washer conveyor


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